The HydroElite Experience

Re-Energising the industry at interlift 2023

Unveiling One – Regenerative Inverter Drive – for All

As the lift industry gears up for the highly anticipated interlift 2023, one company is poised to Re-Energise the field. We are set to unveil a new breakthrough, introducing regenerative energy solutions for both traction and hydraulic lift modernisations.

TractionElite ECO and HydroElite VICI

The introduction of the TractionElite ECO and HydroElite VICI models mark a significant milestone for Hydroware as both models will be equipped with Hydroware’s own inverter drive. The TractionElite ECO, designed for traction lift systems, boasts exceptional energy-saving capabilities, reducing operating costs. Meanwhile, the HydroElite VICI pushes the boundaries of innovation by harnessing regenerative energy from hydraulic lift operations. The regenerative inverter drive coupled with IoT-solutions, will enable lifts to become an integrated part in smart building infrastructure and participate in energy sourcing.

Showing unparalleled outcomes

In preparation for interlift, Hydroware has conducted extensive tests to showcase the capabilities of the regenerative inverter drive. The results have been nothing short of impressive. During rigorous testing, the VICI model operated continuously for an entire day, demonstrating unparalleled outcomes. As expected, the increase in oil temperature remained minimal, leading Hydroware’s experts to predict a future where the need for oil coolers in hydraulic lifts will become obsolete.

With the eagerly awaited unveiling of the cutting-edge innovations, the prospect of re-energising the lift industry is no longer a distant dream but an imminent reality. By harnessing the power of regenerative energy in an inverter drive for both traction and hydraulic lifts, Hydroware is leading the charge towards a more sustainable future in lift technology.

Join us 17-20 October in Augsburg

We would be thrilled to show you our new innovations at interlift 2023. This year we will be located in Hall 3 and we are set to really make a bang. Interested in a ticket? Contact your local Hydroware representative or send an e-mail to

Make sure to let us know how many tickets you need and what you are most excited to see at interlift!