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The new H2 lift controller from Hydroware

The new H2 lift controller from Hydroware is designed for hydraulic and traction lifts. It is highly intuitive to use and offers an outstanding operability.

The H2 lift controller developed by Hydroware revolutionises the lift industry. Its importance for technological progress in the development of lift controllers can be compared to the transition from the old familiar Nokia 3310 to today’s smartphones. A significant step into a new era that creates a great deal of added value for everyone, from the lift technician to the manager to the consultant.

HydroElite H2 in front of black background. H2 one for all

HydroElite AND TractionElite

The new H2 lift controller from Hydroware is designed to operate both hydraulic and traction lifts. Thus, it marks the start of Hydroware’s journey into the traction lift technology. The long tradition of Swedish quality and engineering that makes the HydroElite such a popular product will in future also characterise Hydroware’s new control and drive system in the traction lift sector – the TractionElite.


Interface: Usability on a new level

The H2 lift controller is operated with the new display, the HMI. The HMI takes the user experience to a whole new level. The 10-inch touch display is intuitive and thus extremely easy to use. The multilingual menu reliably guides the user through the various processes.

IoT: always connected

Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things), the new lift controller is always connected to the cloud and can be operated remotely. Available documents and software are always up to date and software updates are carried out remotely.


CANopen: flexible and reliable

The communication of different lift components runs via the CANOpen bus system with standardised open interfaces. With the new H2 controller from Hydroware, it is now possible to connect all devices without any problems and at the same time reduce the installation material required.

Thoughts on the H2

In a world that needs changing, here it comes, longing for the release of H2.

Niklas Öhman,
Technical Field Support Hydroware Sweden
Technical Field Support Hydroware

I am particularly impressed by the intuitive menu navigation of our new H2 control system.

Martin Knoke,
Service/Support Agent Hydroware Germany
Hydroware Field Engineer H2 Portrait Picture

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Hydroware H2 lift controller